Brand Ambassador

My name is Pamjeet Gill or you can call me Pam Gill. I am a self-taught makeup artist and I love everything about the beauty industry. I started my journey about 3 years ago. My biggest goal was to become a influencer and a helper to those who need help. I’ve learned majority of my skills from social media and YouTube. Where ever I am today it’s only because of social media and the skills I’ve learned are end less. I would take hours and hours to get it right before I moved on to another part. I believe that practice makes perfect!! Over the years, I’ve learned to grow and put more effort into what I do. I met Bulan Lash Studio couple months ago and I loved the whole concept of the brand. We started to talk over how I can help grow with her. So the CEO of Bulan Lash Studio offered me to become a Brand Ambassador of there company! I couldn’t have been more happy with this news! It literally changed my platform on social media. People are loving it! I hope the best for this brand!! 

Love, Pam🧿✨